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PSV Raid Could Have Tottenham Bagging Goals Left And Right

You can't stopp Timmy
You can't stopp Timmy

Some players are truly exceptional and have love letters written to them. Tim Matavz is one of those players.

At some point a big club somewhere will realize how fantasmical you are. After all, six-foot-two forwards who scored 19 goals two seasons ago, 22 goals last season and have 14 already this season don't come around often. Until they do, you're left to the Netherlands, where you'll continue to score goal after goal and be the apple of my eye.

That was from January 25 and Matavz is only more fantasmical today than he was that day. He finished last season with 20 goals for PSV Eindhoven and played a part in many more. He's still big, strong in the air, capable with both feet and a great finisher. He has more savvy now too, making better runs than ever before. Just as he continues to play a bigger role with PSV, he is playing a bigger role for Slovenia. One day soon, everyone will know Matavz's name, hopefully as a Tottenham player.

The reasons that Tottenham should sign Matavz are the same that they were five months ago. The team needs a striker, more so now than then because the ship has sailed on an Emmanuel Adebayor return. Well, that and Matavz has gotten better, but why stop there with a PSV raid?

Matavz would fit splendidly up top, but what about underneath him? Schalke are in on Rafael van der Vaart and Matavz's PSV teammate Ola Toivonen could be a perfect replacement. Matavz and Toivonen leading the attack together? Tasty.

But the PSV raid is not over. Aaron Lennon's fitness issues cause problems for Spurs time and time again, forcing them out of their preferred formations and forcing Harry Redknapp to try tactics. Scary.

The simple solution to this problem is Georginio Wijnaldum. The 21-year-old PSV wunderkind who has already debuted for the Netherlands is a right winger who can spell Lennon or start on the right wing when Lennon is injured This would keep the team from having to make major changes to the formation and Harry away from tactics. Moreover, he is a versatile enough player that he can slide inside and play as an attacking midfielder underneath a striker when necessary. Perfecto.

Adebayor is gone? van der Vaart could be next? Whatever. We have PSV 2.0 to replace them. Matavz, Toivonen and Wijnaldum, come on down. Just, please, no PSV defenders.