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Should Tottenham Chase The Reportedly Available Demba Ba?

Shit, I left the stove on!
Shit, I left the stove on!

Well, here's an interesting story. Demba Ba reportedly has a £7 million release clause that lasts until July 31. At that point, his contract with Newcastle supposedly no longer has a release clause. This means -- again, reportedly, I can't stress that word enough -- that there are going to be teams fighting for his signature shortly. If this is true, one of those teams is almost certainly going to be Tottenham Hotspur.

There isn't anyone legitimate reporting that Tottenham has interest in Ba, but when three rags print the exact same story, there's probably a little bit of truth to it. All of the Mirror, the Daily Mail and the consistently hilarious Give Me Football are running with the Ba-to-Tottenham rumor.

Demba Ba is a brilliant player, but his production slipped a bit after Papiss Cisse showed up at Newcastle. Additionally, Stoke City declined to sign him last season because of a knee problem. We don't know if Ba actually has a £7m release clause and we don't know if Tottenham would actually be interested in signing him, but this rumor is an interesting one and seems fairly realistic.

Poll time!