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More Leandro Damiao Stuff -or- All Brazilian Clubs Act Like 16-Year-Olds

Bongarts/Getty Images

Hey, remember when Internacional wanted to keep Leandro Damiao until the end of the last Copa Libertadores? And then they wanted to keep him until the end of 2011? And then they wanted to keep him until the end of this Copa Libertadores? Well, now they want to keep him until the end of 2012, then they'll let him leave. Yeah. Okay. Right.

At least, that's what the fine folks over at Sky Sports have to say. We've established before that Sky literally makes up players, so take this with a grain of salt, but would it surprise anyone if this was true? Internacional have said they're willing to sell Damiao at [time] and then backed out, so it wouldn't be stunning if they've done it yet again.

The Sky article claims that Tottenham Hotspur and PSG have both made bids for Damiao, and that they are the only two clubs that have bid for him. Damiao is currently making a comfortable living, he's a god in Porto Alegre, and he's first choice for Brazil. He doesn't have that much incentive to leave, even if his club is willing to sell.

I have a big, stupid mancrush on Leandro Damiao and I am confident that he's worth every penny of the £20m price tag that gets thrown around. But at some point, his pain in the ass club isn't worth dealing with anymore. We need to stop thinking about this guy and start thinking about other options. Internacional are going to keep changing their minds every couple of months like 16-year-olds.