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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 40: Blind Optimism Makes A Return

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One of the amazing things about being a Tottenham Hotspur supporter is the ridiculous emotional swings one has to endure. It's almost like we're bipolar. Right now we're in the upswing, which is great, except it's always followed by the downswing. I wonder what it would like to constantly be on that upswing....

Anyways, it's a shorthanded show this week. So it's basically the Brian and Bryan show. Which was fun for a minute, but then you guys asked us a bunch of questions, which we really could have used Kevin's expertise to answer. So if you feel unfulfilled after listening to this you only have yourselves to blame. Brian and I did get a chance to talk about the Bolton match, Kyle Walker's new contract, and the upcoming Aston Villa match though, in between stumbling through your questions.

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