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Aston Villa Vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: They Are The Worst

He's baaaaaack
He's baaaaaack

Let's get something clear from the get-go: Aston Villa are the worst. They are everything awful about football and it is all Alex McLeish's fault.

Considering this: Birmingham were relegated last season, and Villa hired him! Imagine if Arsenal were relegated and Tottenham hired their manager. That is basically what Villa did in hiring McLeish and they have gotten exactly what they deserve for such a move.

Unfortunately, this is not what the Villa supporters deserve. They knew what they got when McLeish was hired and now all of their worst dreams are coming true. They are just three points clear of the drop zone and are guaranteed a bottom six finish with two matches to go. Nobody would have imagined this for Villa even a year ago, let alone two or three years ago, but this is where they are and the fans are rightly outraged.

The supporters bought an ad in Sunday the newspaper that read: "We were really hoping never to say this but....WE TOLD YOU SO. 'Bright Future?'''

You tell 'em, Villans. Now get ready to cry because Spurs are going to win.

It should have abundantly clear that things were going to go poorly for Villa when they bought Jermaine Jenas and Alan Hutton. ALAN FREAKING HUTTON. They caught a break when Jenas got hurt, but Hutton has played 30 times for them this season. ALAN FREAKING HUTTON.

So it is no surprise that Villa are battling relegation and are winless in their last eight. To make things worse, Stephen Ireland's availability is a doubt as he continues to battle a hip injury, Emile Heskey has a hamstring problem and Chris Herd, Fabian Delph and James Collins are all being disciplined for fighting in a nightclub because that's just Villa's season.

If Spurs cannot beat this Villa team then they might as well be relegated. Normally, this would be the match that Spurs lose in the most Spursian way possible, but even Spurs cannot lose to this team, managed by Alex McLeish.

Scott Parker might be back as he recovers from his ankle problem and Kyle Walker will play after getting an injection for a broken toe. Besides that, Tottenham are oddly healthy.

Thanks to Norwich -- sidebar, go Canaries -- Spurs can finish third place with wins today and in the finale against Fulham. It doesn't matter what Arsenal does anymore if Spurs win out. With Chelsea in the Champions League final and threatening to take the Champions League away from fourth place with a single win, that is incredibly important. It's high five important. Go Canaries!

So Villa are bad everywhere and Spurs have pace on the wings, the brilliance of Luka Modric in the center, Rafael van der Vaart poaching and Emmanuel Adebayor playing pretty fantastically up front. There is zero -- I repeat ZERO -- way Spurs do not win this match.