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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 8, 2012


Happy Tuesday, Spursland! I don't think that it is a secret around these parts that we have all been a little down and that maybe things have also gotten a bit stale lately. Seeing as I try to keep the Hoddle of Coffee fresh every day, sometimes we all just need a bit of variety.

Long time readers of the Hoddle may have noticed that, in addition to being a big time Spurs supporter, I am an absolute nut for pro wrestling. I have been known to borrow from that genre in the past and I do so again this week. Often times when things get stale in the pro wrestling world they introduce a "gimmiick" into the story line. You know, something out of the ordinary such as a loser leaves town match, a two-on-one match or a first blood match.

Well, boys and girls, for the rest of the week The Hoddle Of Coffee is going to have a gimmick of the day, as chosen by the readers. You guys get to decide what it is for the following day. Sound off in the comments section and I will fulfill your request. We have done theme editions before (Alison Brie tribute day anyone?), but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday it is all up to you. If you want to see "Positive Peter Roosevelts" one day and "Negative Nancy Roosevelts" the day after that, you can. It is up to you! You guys pick the gimmick, the theme, If you want me to make obscure Star Wars references I'll do it because I love you guys (Editor's note: And because he's so cool), and maybe, just maybe we as a community of readers (I include myself there because though I write a little bit here I started out as, and ultimately still am a reader) need this to be a bit more fun.

And now the "news"

The Guy Whose Name May Or May Not Be Hard To Spell Is Flirting With Other People- Sky Sports

Jan Vertonghen is someone that everybody wants on their team. If you ask someone if they want this kid on their team and they say no, delete that person's phone number, defriend, unfollow and cut that person out of your life because they just revealed to you that they are insane. It looked for sure that Vertonghen was Spurs bound in January, and while he isn't saying no to Spurs, he is hinting at things that he wants to happen in order for him to stay interested. When he mentions that he needs a stable club that is code for Harry must stay. Now if you will excuse me I will be off in the corner crying because I can't get any of the things I want.

Harry Believes We Must Be Bold In The Transfer Market- BBC

For ways in which Tottenham can be "bold" in the transfer window I'd suggest checking out tweets from last night from former CFC Editor and noted Bro Dog Bryan Ashlock's Twitter account.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Dana Whites Says That On A Global Basis, The UFC (Not MMA) Has Surpassed The NFL And Is Neck And Neck With Soccer- BloodyElbow

This will be the last time that Dana White mentioning ridiculous things about soccer will appear in The Hoddle Of Coffee. They join numerous websites of canine feces quality such as the Daily Mail in this honor. Because that's how ridiculous these quotes are.

Pitch Invading Chicken, Complete With Cape -SB Nation Soccer

What more could you want in life? The answer is NOTHING!!!!

VIDEO: Dani Benitez Hits Referee In The Face With Water Bottle -SB Nation Soccer

"You're doing it wrong," Arsene Wenger allegedly said.

VIDEO: Tottenham Alum Zokora Kicks Opponent In The Bad Place- SB Nation Soccer

I bet he left boot laces on the guys future children's face.