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Jan Vertonghen, On Tottenham: 'They give me a very good feeling about everything'

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We have some more quotes out of Jan Vergonghen on what has now become a major press conference for the Belgian defender.

Tottenham's lack of Champions League football has long been mentioned as a factor in these negotiations, but it seem this is not a major issue for Vertonghen..

"It is not that big a problem," Vertonghen said. "It would be nice but I chose for the club not just one season. For me it is important the connection with the club. They give me a very good feeling about everything. They invited me over and they also really want to close a deal, which is what gave me a good feeling. They showed me everything about where they want to be in the next few years and that is what I like most."

Vertonghen also had some positive things to say on Tottenham Hotspur Harry Redknapp, whose own future with Spurs has been doubted in the press.

"I met him once and I think he is a good manager," he said. "He was very friendly. I have only heard good things about him and I am happy he stays at Tottenham."