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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 11, 2012

He isn't a fan of the soda bread
He isn't a fan of the soda bread

Happy Monday, Spursland! The Euro is here in all of its glory. So far we have had the Scandinavians beating up on continental opposition for the first time since Robert the 1st set up shop in Northwest France. We have also had Russians beating the living crap out of people. WHAT MORE COULD WE WANT?

And now the "news"

Harry Would Have Said Yes To England- BBC

For those of you in the U.S. (me too) you missed what could perhaps be a top five most awkward interview ever during the halftime of Spain and Italy yesterday on the BBC. Harry, who was hired as a color man for the tournament, had what I would call an interesting day. The, I guess you would call him the "main host" of the halftime show, decided that instead of asking questions about an exceptionally interesting game with literally dozens of interesting managerial-centric topics to ask the panel to badger Harry with "what if?" questions about the England job.

Harry handled it rather well and was his usual open self (He heard about Roy getting hired on the radio "like everyone else." Harry apparently hasn't heard of TV.). This guy hounded Harry with what I am sure where hard hitting questions over and over again with the urgency that the press hounded Congressman Wiener (do English people know about this, if you don't you should because it's hilarious). So what I am trying to say is that the no name guy with a marketable square jaw masquerading as a television journalist is a dickhead.

Parker Could Bring Fresh Dimension To England's Attack- Daily Mail

I vowed like eight months ago that The Daily Mail would never appear in The Hoddle Of Coffee again because it was such a piece of trash on such an epic scale. In light of recent questions from newer American readers as to which newspapers were more reliable, as well as the incredible mind blowing level newly discovered level of horrible analysis this paper publishes, here you go.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Video: Messi Scores Hat Trick Against Brazil- SB Nation Soccer

Contrast this video of Messi scoring a spectacular goal with Ronaldo not scoring at all for Portugal while accomplishing 79 step overs. Keep it simple, boys and girls.

How Denmark Managed Euro 2012's First Upset- SB Nation Soccer

I am like Harry Redknapp. I don't really "do" tactics. But if that kind of thing matters to you, or you know what the guys on Wheeler Dealer Radio are talking about when they say things like "getting width" then this might be for you.

Chelsea Set To Confirm Roberto Di Matteo As Manager- We Ain't Got No History

Chelsea are set to confirm as manager the guy who came in as a caretaker and won the biggest club tournament in the world, a tournament that "The Special One" couldn't win at Chelsea. As if it would have made sense to hire anyone else.