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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 12, 2012

So I put one of these in my mouth yesterday.
So I put one of these in my mouth yesterday.

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Yesterday was a great day for football fans, unless your name is Roman Abramovich, who I imagine was so angry that his head exploded just after screaming something about "31 million pounds".

And now the "news"

Unfounded Transfer Rumor I Desperately Hope Is True- Footy Latest

So acording to this shining example of high journalistic standards (okay, not really, but lets bask in the warm glow of this for a moment before we allow cold hard reality seep back in) Schalke cannot even come close to affording a particular Dutchman with a rather fetching wife. This thanks to estimated transfer fee, combined with signing bonus, combined with his yearly wages would cost the club €31 million Euro. Is this true? Probably not, but who cares. Dare to dream my friends, because to dare is to do.

Spurs To Hold Open Training Session In LA- LA Galaxy Official Site

Tickets to get in are a bit pricy, almost making one question calling it an "open training session" but all some of the proceeds go to charity so stop being stingy and get up close and personal with Spurs legends. Take the opportunity to really study their faces., that way in the future you won't run the risk of very aggressively telling thousands of people in a very public way that they are faceless and without talent or merit.

What's happening around SB Nation with full Euro coverage after the jump

James Milner Is Not A Winger -SB Nation Soccer

This explains so very much about yesterday's game, doesn't it? A game where neither team appeared to know what the plan was or what the player roles were. Can someone send a note to the French players that they are, in fact, allowed to be inside the 18-yard box? I'd say that for 90% of the game I wasn't sure that they knew that.

Soccer Fan Fuels Your Nightmares- SB Nation Soccer

I'd like to know which Scandinavian fairytale this guy is the villain from/ I have a few young cousins that need to be taught a lesson and I need to know which book to read them for story time.

GIF: The Most Adorable Kid In All Of Eastern Europe- SB Nation Soccer

Look at this adorable little tike. And lets gloss over the fact that he clearly didn't see the goal. This one small mistake should not be focused on since clearly this kid got the greater thing completely right. #Adoracute

Mission Accomplished For Roy Hodgson- SB Nation Soccer

I will be the only person outside of England to say this, but I will. Does this sound like England are setting expectations a bit low for themselves? This may be news to our English readers, or maybe it isn't, but the rest of the world has been waiting for the footballing community as a whole in England to give the Three Lions more realistic expectations. And it is nice to see that expectations have been lowered, but do we really want to put them this low?Yesterday was a solid run out in terms of the results, but in terms of the level of play it was not what you could call good.