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Harry Redknapp Reportedly Out As Tottenham Manager

Could this be the end for Harry at Tottenham?
Could this be the end for Harry at Tottenham?

UPDATE: So much for this rumor, but there will be plenty more of these until/if Harry gets a new contract.

Caution here because this is just a rumor, well rumors now, but there is talk that Harry Redknapp is out as Tottenham manager. Normally we would ignore this because it is TalkSport and a bunch of other places that we normally ignore, but the Twitter chatter is picking up and this actually seems plausible. So caution, because it is still just a rumor, but don't be surprised if this becomes reality before long.

This could be the end of 'Arry at White Hart Lane.

Hearing from 2 sources UNCONFIRMED Harry Redknapp has left Spurs - I am trying to get official conformation
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It is no secret that everyone at Spurs was disappointed with the way the season ended and man wouldn't be heartbroken if Harry left. There is a reason why he hasn't been given a new contract yet despite his pleas and you can bet that those rumors of offers from Qatar are not just rumors.

Of course, the problem with Harry leaving is that the club then has to hire someone better than him to replace him. Those with low opinions of Harry might say that is easy to do, but don't be too sure. There are better managers out there, no doubt, but there are also worse ones. How much do you trust Juande Ramos?

Before we worry about replacements, Harry is still the Tottenham manager. But for how much longer?