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Harry Redknapp Reportedly Out At Tottenham ... Again

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Update: It's official. Harry Redknapp is gone.

Remember when we said that Harry Redknapp was supposedly leaving Tottenham Hotspur yesterday? And then Harry denied the rumors that he had resigned from his post? Well, it's another fun day in Redknapp rumor land. This time, things seem a bit more realish. Every major outlet is running with the rumor. I know that every major outlet also ran with the rumor that Jan Verthongen's deal was as good as done, but bare with me.

First, everyone's favorite sexist jerk tweeted this.

Because A. TalkShite are the people who started this rumor yesterday and B. Richard Keys is a dick, most people dismissed this. Turns out, every blind squirrel catches a nut once in a while. The Mirror, Sky, ITV and the like began to run with the rumor as well, some claiming that it was their own sources that tipped them off.

Obviously we have no confirmation yet, but this seems pretty real. I think Harry's actually gone this time.