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Another 'Harry Exits' Report From The BBC

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Update: It's official. Harry Redknapp is gone.

And now we have something more credible. The BBC has tweeted -- along with a bunch of their individual journalists -- that Harry Redknapp is no longer the manager of Tottenham Hotspur. We're now at the point where I believe that this is a thing, and that the club will release a statement soon. Here's the BBC's tweet.

Yep. that's the real thing.

Edit: Here is their news post.

The language of this tweet and others from folks at the BBC is interesting, though. They're saying that Redknapp has "left his job", implying that it was his choice. Here I was, assuming that Daniel Levy wrote him a severance check and told him not to let the door hit his behind on the way out of Spurs Lodge.

Obviously, that could still be the case, but I'm still intrigued by the language there. I can't believe in a million years that Harry would quit unless Levy paid him to say he was quitting.