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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links, A Farewell To Harry

Don't speak, I know just what you're saying, so please stop explaining, don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't speak, I know just what you're saying, so please stop explaining, don't tell me cause it hurts

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Now as we head out into the abyss of the unknown, we are all scared of what the future holds. Some of us are happy, some of us are sad, some of us don't know what the hell is going on, but all of us are uncertain. And that was one of the things that Harry brought to us during all the great times and all the dark days, certainty. We always just knew what he would do, we knew that he would answer literally any question and we knew that often times it would work. We knew that he would always be Harry, and we knew that he was somehow always the most Spurs of Spurs things.

Happy trials, Harry.

And now the "news"

Modric Admits Interest- Sky Sports

Okay, nobody panic... this isn't him dropping transfer hints because Harry is leaving. This is really more of an example of the lowering of standards at Sky in recent months. Since this article is mostly about how much Luka likes living in London and how nobody really bothers him when he is out and about. I know it is riveting information.

Let The Tottenham Managerial Rumor Mill Commence: David Moyes- The Guardian

If you are unfamiliar as to the situation that David "I am about to be the center of a lot of media attention" Moyes faces at his current club, I highly suggest you give this a read. In short, the grass is way greener on the Spurs side of the fence.

Corluka Expects Modric Exit- The World Game

Oh shut the hell up Charlie, we really don't need this crap today.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Euro 2012 Teams As US Presidents -SB Nation Soccer

I disagree STRONGLY with some of these selections as you might notice in the comments section, but this is just too awesome to not included even if it was linked to yesterday. Historical analysis FTW!!!

The Ballad Of Mezut And Cristiano- SB Nation Soccer

Holy Lord, Kevin McCauley is going round the bend, and I mean that in the best way possible. This is brilliant briliant stuff, even if you, like me, don't know who the Avett Brothers are. (I am more of a Zac Attack kind of guy)

Stoke City Player Charged With Murder- SB Nation Soccer

No funny jokes here., just a piece of advice. If you are currently a parent or will be one eventually, take care of your kids. Make sure they know you love them (try to do so without creeping them out, seriously) because we cannot protect them forever.

Lance Armstrong Once Again Charged With Doping By The USADA- Podium Cafe

We don't normally get into cycling round these parts, but this new struck me today. Lance Armstrong has been charged with doping once again. I say once again because as anyone who is either a cycling fan (me) or watched Sportscenter between 1999 and the present knows that people have been accusing Lance of doping forever (like since the beginning of time). I am pretty sure Cain accused Lance of doping, and guess what? He has never ever once tested positive. Keep in mind that this is a sport that has such stringent testing standards that guys can't go on vacation in the offseason without doping agencies knowing where in case they decide to give them a random test. Guys who are tested sometimes multiple times a day back-to-back-to-back during big races and during the Tour de France often times every single day. Over all this time, no positive tests.

But that is not why this is dumb. It is dumb because in a sport where it is not suggested that many, if not most (btw it is most) riders dope in some way, they are still bringing legal cases against a guy WHO HAS BEEN RETIRED FOR YEARS. He has been provisionally banned from competitions, in triathlons since he doesn't cycle anymore. He does these races for free and for fun. Imagine the same scenario if a baseball player was accused of doping after he retired with no physical evidence of doping so he was banned from running a 5k.

Did I mention that he doesn't compete anymore? Okay, good, just want to make sure we are clear on that. Did I mention that he was recently charged in criminal court for doping and they couldn't make the case then? No, well that just got finished so another semi-federal agency has decided to waste time and money chasing after a guy who has passed hundreds or even thousands of drug tests. Can we spend our time at least trying to track down guys actively competing and not chasing the ghosts from the past that are largely circulated rumors of an openly hostile French media, and bitter former teammates?

Lance Armstrong is not a very personable guy. He is not a people person and is generally kind of grating. The media don't tend to portray him that way, at least in America, but he is. You can tell if you have ever seen an interview with him and look for it. I am just saying that every person who is accusing him of doping is a disgruntled ex-teammate or member of the support staff and he is not exactly famous for being nice to teammates. I can't imagine why they would volunteer information about him cheating. Did Armstrong dope? Probably, but it is years later, he doesn't compete and WHO THE HELL STILL CARES?!?! Go catch the guys currently cheating (what's up, Alberto Contador).