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Book It: What the Oddsmakers Say on Tottenham's Next Manager

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In the wake of Harry Redknapp's departure from Tottenham Hotspur, seemingly a million questions arose. But to the betting-focused, the immediate question became the next manager, and the respective odds on each candidate. So what do the bookmakers have to say on who the odds favor to toe the sidelines for Spurs next season?

For those unfamiliar with betting, I'll average the fractional odds and convert into old-fashioned percentages to simplify things. So let's check out the odds, and where exactly each candidate is on the radar.

David Moyes- 40%

When Redknapp left, Moyes was the immediate name linked to replace him. Last night the odds were as high as 66% on Moyes, but things seem to have readjusted to a point of Moyes being the odds-on favorite, without being a near-certainty.

Roberto Martinez- 27%

Martinez is consistently listed as the second-favorite to take over, without any of the most-legitimate news sources tipping him. Martinez is coming off a strong 2012 with Wigan Athletic, and interviewed for the Liverpool job. The tactical invention Martinez has shown will make him appealing, but he has yet to prove that he can win at the highest level.

Fabio Capello- 12%

Former England-manager Fabio Capello has seen his name mentioned in an abundance of managerial openings. Capello has seen success at the best clubs in the world, but after quitting England it is to be seen whether Capello is interested in returning to club football.

Andre Villas-Boas- 11.7%

Portuguese prodigy Andre Villas-Boas was the fastest-rising manager in world managing after winning the treble with Porto. But a nightmare 2011 appointment to Chelsea saw AVB on the unemployment line. Villas-Boas is certainly tactically-oriented and a long-term solution, but would Levy take a chance on him so after his last English disaster?

Rafa Benitez- 9.7%

Rafa Benitez has pedigree in England, after winning the Champions League and FA Cup with Liverpool. He hasn't managed since a terrible 2010 run with Inter Milan, but his quality as a manager is well-known. Benitez has yet to publicly announce that he wants to get back in the managerial game, but he would bring experience to Tottenham Hotspur

Jurgen Klinsmann- 8.6%

Klinsmann is undoubtedly a Tottenham Hotspur legend. But his club managerial experience is limited to one poor run with Bayern Munich. He's currently managing the U.S. National Team, where he has done a mixed job so far. Still, he seems unlikely to leave the U.S. and seems unlikely to appeal to Daniel Levy. A sucker bet.

The long shots:

Alan Pardew- 5.8%

Antonio Conte- 4.7%

Tim Sherwood- 4.5%

Didier Deschamps- 4%

Gus Poyet- 3.9%