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Roberto Martinez Slickly Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Tottenham Rumors

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If you are in the United States, you have probably seen Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez providing analysis for ESPN's coverage of Euro 2012. Martinez was back on the air today, and studio host Bob Ley decided to ask him about the link to the vacant manager's position at Tottenham Hotspur.

Martinez is probably happy where he is, but is never going to say never until he sees what someone other than Wigan has to offer. So he answered Ley's question by saying that he was honored to be linked to the job and that it was a big testament to how well Wigan has done in the Premier League during his tenure. That's it. He did not say that he was or was not interested, he did not say that he has or has not received an offer. Ley didn't press him further.

And if he knew Ley wasn't going to press him harder? It was the perfect answer. For what it's worth, Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has stated that he does not expect Tottenham to make an approach for Martinez. And honestly, if there's been zero contact between Whelan and Daniel Levy, there's almost no way that Martinez is the team's top candidate.

But a candidate? Yeah, he's probably a candidate.