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Villas-Boas Blasting Past Moyes To Become Frontrunner For The Tottenham Job

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When Harry Redknapp was sacked, the entire internet assumed that David Moyes was going to be Daniel Levy's first choice to replace Harry Redknapp, and that he'd already phoned up Bill Kenwright. Moyes is almost certainly a consideration, but it doesn't look like he's the top man after all. Former Chelsea and Porto manager Andre Villas-Boas is now the favorite to become Tottenham Hotspur's next manger.

The club has already contacted Villas-Boas through a third party (probably his agent), and there were rumors floating around on the twitter machine yesterday that he was on his way to London. So much for Moyes and Roberto Martinez.

Unsurprisingly, the unemployed AVB -- who isn't about to get offered a bigger job than Spurs -- is reportedly interested in the opening. Well I'll be darned.

Important to note: Andre Villas-Boas could be the first man Levy's contacted about the job simply because he doesn't have to go through any ridiculous channels to do so. The man's unemployed. He might plan on interviewing a few guys before he makes a decision. But I've heard from a guy who knows a guy (this is reliable, trust me), that Levy is in love with the idea of AVB as Spurs manager. My gut says he's the guy.

We should have Steve's AVB manager shortlist post up sometime today. (EDIT: Here it is. Tottenham Hotspur Manager Shortlist: Andre Villas-Boas.)