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Harry Redknapp Disliked By The Brass, Would Have Won The Title

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According to Harry Redknapp, he was forced out at Tottenham Hotspur because he didn't get on with the folks at the top of the food chain at the club, and if he was given a new contract and allowed to stay at the club, he could have won the title.

Something tells me that he was probably let go for reasons beyond Daniel Levy and other executives not liking him as a person, and I have a very difficult time believing that a man who was -- whether they were his fault or not -- in charge of the club for two consecutive spring collapses could have guided this current Tottenham side to a Premier League crown.

Regarding his departure, Harry didn't exactly take any blame. He doesn't think his sacking had anything to do with his job performance, and he's moving on, because the brass simply didn't like him.

"When people at the top don't like you, what can you do about it? I have to respect it. I can't do anything about that."

And this, from a completely different article, with quotes that I believe were pulled from the same interview.

"The only disappointment is that I think it's a team that could have gone on and won the Premier League in a year or two and I just wish I had been able to see that through and be a part of that."

...I think I'm happy we're moving on from Harry. He was a great servant to the club, but I look forward to having a manger who knows when it's time to stop blithering on about nonsense to the media.