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Spurs Coaches Depart, But Tim Sherwood Survives

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It's pretty common in football for a team to let go of a large number of the coaching staff when they fire a manager, and Tottenham Hotspur is no exception. Not only has Harry Redknapp been sent packing, but Kevin Bond, Joe Jordan and Clive Allen have all left the club as well. The club will need a new assistant manager whenever they hire their new manager, and there will no longer be a crazy old Scotsman roaming the sidelines, looking for a fight.

That assistant manager could potentially be Tim Sherwood. Unlike the three men listed above, he's survived the axe. He's very well thought of at the club and the bookies have him as a dark horse to take over the manager's position, though I don't actually think there's any chance of that. In any event, he's going to get some kind of promotion. He was an assistant first team coach under Redknapp this season, and all indications are that he's moving up in the world.

Sherwood is only 43-years-old, just became a coach in 2008, represented England three times as a player and was also the captain of the Blackburn Rovers team that won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season. He's a very well-respected guy, and it wouldn't surprise me if Sherwood only spent another year or two with the team before taking a management job in a lower division.