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So Long, Ryan Nelsen

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After half a season at Tottenham Hotspur, veteran central defender Ryan Nelsen is taking off to a place where he's going to be more than a reserve player, or at least have a chance to be more. He's signed a one-year deal with Queens Park Rangers, where he could have an opportunity to compete for a first team place.

There were rumors that Nelsen was considering a return to D.C. United, where he became team captain and launched his career, but it would have been hard to pass up any Premier League contract better than a pay-for-play for what would have been a high non-DP or low DP contract for the Black and Red. And of course, Nelsen played under Mark Hughes previously at Blackburn.

Nelsen is obviously not the dominant force that he was in his late 20s, but he proved in his short time at Tottenham that he's still good enough and fit enough to play in the Premier League. It's great that he's going to a team that is going to give him a chance to win a place in the team, and I hope he does well at QPR.