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David Moyes Not In Contention To Be Spurs Manager?

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From what we're hearing right now, there's no reason to believe that David Moyes is going to be seriously considered for the manager's job at Tottenham Hotspur. The presumed top candidate when Harry Redknapp was pushed out, Moyes might have never been a candidate at all. He says there's been no contact with Tottenham, and it's not expected that there will be contact.

Moyes was on BBC Radio 5 Live today, and the folks in the newsroom over at ESPN UK apparently had their dials tuned in, because they got Moyes' quotes up rather quickly.

"There has been no contact [with Spurs]. If there had been contact, I would have told the chairman. Spurs have spent and have tried to be challenging. But my ambitions are to do it with Everton."

Translation: I know I'm getting the Man United job when Alex Ferguson retires.