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Tottenham To Hire Villas-Boas, Reports Gazetta Dello Sport

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If a report at Italian magazine Gazetta Dello Sport is to be believed, Tottenham Hotspur have already agreed to a three-year contract with Andre Villas-Boas, who will take over as manager.

This wouldn't shock me in the slightest if it was true. Multiple media outlets have reported that Tottenham has made contact with Villas-Boas and multiple outlets have also reported that he's interested in the job. The ITK crowd managed to spot him in England this week, and our own ITK INVESTIGATIVE TEAM thinks that Levy's had designs on AVB for a while.

If you're wondering about the potential validity of the report and Gazetta's history, it's hit or miss. I've seen Gazetta scoop the more newsy outlets on quite a few occasions, and I've also seen them print complete nonsense. My gut tells me that this is not complete nonsense.

I'm not sure when the club (or major English outlets with credibility) will confirm, but I'll be pretty surprised if Tottenham hire someone other than Villas-Boas at this point. Well then.