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Is Luka Modric On His Way To Real Madrid?

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Sky Sports reports that a "close friend" and former Croatia teammate of Tottenham Hotspur midfield Luka Modric claims the Croatian playmaker is "very close" on a move to Spain. Mate Bilic, a striker for Sporting Gijon, had this to say:

I'm very good friends with Modric," the Sporting Gijon striker was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. "He wants to play in the Spanish league. He loves the Premier League but he wants to play in Spain. He's very close to agreeing a move."

Anyone see any problems with that section? If you guess it was "quoted as saying in the Daily Mail" then you just won yourself a prize.

Now, Real Madrid seems as likely a destination as any, but I'm really not sure how much or where Luka would play in Jose Mourinho's side. The Primera League champions are pretty stocked in the midfield, but Real just likes to buy players because they can and if they have the cash to afford Modric then good for them.