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Tottenham Hotspur Set To Hire Villas-Boas: Report

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Isn't this manager merry-go-round fun? Well, it's finally here from an English-language source that is at least fairly reputable. The Guardian is reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have held direct negotiations with Andre Villas-Boas and that he is expected to be the new Tottenham manager. The article claims that Tottenham spoke to Villas-Boas' agent in London over the weekend, and that they have since contacted him directly.

This is pretty consistent with everything I've heard and everything that's been drifting around in foreign (non-French) media. To be honest, I was pretty stunned when I heard the Laurent Blanc rumors, and I'm happy that my instincts that they weren't true seem to be correct, as of now.

Also consistent with other things we've heard: The claims that Tim Sherwood's role is about to be elevated, that Daniel Levy won't sell Luka Modric within the Premier League, and that Villas-Boas (or any other new manager) is going to get some money to spend.

Now, can the club announce this tomorrow so we can get on with our lives?