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Favorite Tottenham Hotspur Highlight: Danny Rose On His Premier League Debut

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Everyone across the SB Nation network is being asked to write about their all-time favorite highlight from their team, and I had a tough choice to make.

First of all, I never take 'favorite' to mean 'best'. My all-time favorite Tottenham Hotspur highlight was always destined to be something from the last five years, simply because the Premier League hasn't been available on television and the internet in the United States for that long. Some of the stuff from Gazza and Hoddle might be 'better' than everything I've ever seen live, but if your favorite moment in your team's history isn't something you saw live, you're trying too hard to sound cool and have the right answer.

Three-meter Peter Crouch had two goals in consideration, but ultimately didn't make the cut. Both his goal against Manchester City to get into the Champions League and his goal at the San Siro against A.C. Milan were worthy of consideration. Also in the running was the entire 'Taxi for Maicon' game.

But come on. What else could it be?


Easily the best thing I've been able to watch live while supporting this club. How about you?