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André Villas-Boas May Drop Out Of Consideration To Be Spurs Manager


Apparently André Villas-Boas likes to feel special and Daniel Levy isn't making him feel special enough. The Tottenham Hotspur chairman is talking to, or at least considering, other candidate for the vacant manager position and that makes Villas-Boas upset. He wants to be the only candidate after meeting with Levy last week and is threatening to remove himself from consideration for the job, according to the Guardian.

The Portuguese has complained to associates that "they are talking to 10 other coaches" and, though that is clear exaggeration, it indicates how dismayed he is to learn that Levy has not identified him as the sole candidate.

Poor André. Someone send him a fruit basket with hearts and kisses.

In the snark-less world, maybe Levy isn't being overly open or honest in discussions with Villas-Boas. That wouldn't shock any of us and if Levy did say "you're our guy" then wouldn't commit to it, Villas-Boas has plenty of reason to be upset. Or maybe Villas-Boas is just being a child. Who knows?

The problem is that this continues to keep Spurs in limbo, which seems to be the constant state of the club right now. If Laurent Blanc is Levy's guy and he has to wait until France are knocked out of Euro, fine. If it's Roberto Martinez, blah. If its Villas-Boas and Levy is playing games, die. Just settle things already and stop jerking us around.

Also included in the report is that Villas-Boas is convinced Spurs will sell Luka Modric to Real Madrid, but it won't stop him from taking the Tottenham job. Fine, nothing shocking there. Modric may leave and we'll be fine with it so long as the team buys smartly (after I'm done crying about my Luka, of course), BUT WE CAN'T DO THAT UNTIL WE HAVE A MANAGER.