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Headlines I Don't Like Seeing: '£20m-Rated Rondon'

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Malaga's Salomon Rondon is being linked to Premier League clubs by his agent, knowing it's the best way to drum up actual interest in his client. His agent claims that Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool are all in the race for the 22-year-old Venezuelan's signature, and he's being called '£20m-rated Rondon' by the Daily Mail.

If you've seen Salomon Rondon play and you think he's worth £20m, raise your hand. No one? Okay, I figured as much. Rondon is just as well-known for missing clear chances and disappearing from games as he is for his athletic ability or scoring goals. He's a top-notch talent and his best games make him look like Edinson Cavani, but he's wildly inconsistent.

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that Moussa Sow and Papiss Cisse, both of whom scored at much more consistent rates for less talented teams in other big leagues, both sold for £10 million recently, then flourished with their new clubs. If Tottenham or anyone else pays £20 million for Rondon, I'm going to Sheikh Abdullah's celebration party.