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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 25, 2012

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Me and Levy are seeing how long we can drag this out but still keep you idiots interested
Me and Levy are seeing how long we can drag this out but still keep you idiots interested

Happy Monday, Spursland! At what point do England move into full-on Chicago Cubs territory? When do we cross the line where isn't even funny to make fun of them because they haven't won in so long and it just becomes lame. Maybe even border line mean? I think the next World Cup is the dividing line, and I mean they have to win it. If they don't then it will be an even 50 years without a major title for a nation that by all rights really should be a world powerhouse (Editor's note: No it shouldn't). I think that is pretty reasonable. It also gives me two more years of making jokes about how crap England is. "They played James Milner on the wing!"

And now the "news"

Villas Boas Remains Frontrunner For Spurs Job- Telegraph

This, right here, this is the point where I just start throwing things into the air and screaming "I DON"T KNOW WHAT'S REAL ANYMORE". You know why? Because the strength of the "will they, won't they?" this managerial saga is such that it is causing my mind to cave in. Just pull the trigger. We have at least two top quality candidates who just about everyone likes in AVB and Martinez. Just pull the trigger. I want process to work like Prez's trigger pull. It takes zero time to fire.

Redknapp Open To Middle East Switch- Sport 360

I just can't quit you, Harry. Especially since the instant I imagined Harry hanging out in the United Arab Emirates I pictured him hanging out with that evil, rapist, sex slave owning sheik, but not exactly realizing the company he is keeping. "What do you mean he bought Liam Neeson's daughter from a band of Albanian sex traffickers"?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Spain Are Boring And It Doesn't Matter- SB Nation Soccer

The original title was "Spain Are Boring And It Doesn't Matter Unless, Of Course, You Are Watching These Games With No Rooting Interest And Simply For The Entertainment Value", but it was too long.

Arsenal Haikus- The Short Fuse

How original! I have never seen this before; I certainly didn't see it for the first time 11 months ago. Uncle Menno is Bill Hicks and this guy is Dennis Leary.

SB Nation Has A Leeds United Blog? SB Nation Has A Leeds United Blog- Through It All Together

If this site goes bankrupt through mismanagement can CFC just pick up all their best writers at cut-rate prices?