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Bild Reports Tottenham Agree To Sign Gylfi Sigurdsson For €10m

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Big news out of Germany, folks. Though with how things have gone with rumored Tottenham Hotspur transfers and managerial appointments, I'm not going to believe that Tottenham have actually signed anyone until they announce it themselves. According to a report by Bild in Germany, Tottenham have agreed to sign Gylfi Sigurdsson from Hoffenheim for €10m.

Sigurdsson played on loan with Swansea this season and agreed to sign for them before Brendan Rodgers was appointed Liverpool manager. He backed out of the transfer as Liverpool became the clear favorites to sign him, but as Bryan posted this morning, rumors started to swirl that Tottenham were going to steal him away.

If Bild is correct, those rumors were true and Spurs are going to add the talented attacking midfielder. Making a move like this before a manager is place is certainly curious, considering the number of attack-minded central players currently on the Tottenham roster, but I'm not going to argue with the signing if this is confirmed tomorrow.

Thoughts? Do you believe the rumor? If you believe it, are you happy with the move?