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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 26, 2012

Not even a tackle from behind can stop the Hurricane from his attempt to score a diving header...or something.
Not even a tackle from behind can stop the Hurricane from his attempt to score a diving header...or something.

Happy Tuesday Spursland! TheRoosevelts is dead in a ditch somewhere, so I'm writing the Hoddle this morning. It obviously won't be anywhere near as good, but it's better than nothing. Yesterday was an interesting day as far as rumors are concerne. This whole Gylfi Sigurdsson thing might signal the end of Rafael van der Vaart, which, more importantly, would mean the departure of his wife Sylvie (seen here on holiday with Rafa). I think we can all agree that unless Sigurdsson has a similarly hot girlfriend/wife this is a bad deal for Spurs.

And now, the "news":

Useless Tottenham Defender May Be Going To Greece - Football 411

Bongani Khumalo has been pretty much a bust since his arrival from South Africa. I say that in the nicest way possible, because really he's never even played for Spurs, so we don't really know how bad he is. There is a silver lining though, PAOK seem to be interested in him. He's 24 now, so it's not like he has much of a future at Spurs. I say sell him.

The Hurricane Wants To Make An Impact on The National Team - Sky Sports

It appears that (Hurricane) Harry (Sugar) Kane has his eyes set on making an impact for England's Under-21 National team in their upcoming efforts to qualify for The U-21 European Championships. The Tottenham striker has already made 8 appearances for the U-19 national team, scoring 5 times. Kane is hoping that plus his performances last season at Milwall will have put him on Stuart Pearce's radar. I have to agree Harry. We all know you can't stop a Hurricane.

What's Happening Around SB Nation after the jump.

So Those Folks In The Pacific Northwest Take Their Tifos Seriously - SB Nation Soccer

The most impressive part of this tifo is the numbers. 20,000 square feet? That's like 15,000 times bigger than my apartment here in Rome.

Spain Are Boring, But They Win Anyway Because...Spain - SB Nation Soccer

Someone had to say it. This team has some of the most exciting midfielders in the world and what do they do? Start Busquettes and Xabi Alonso and then just play monkey in the middle with the other team for 90 minutes. It is boring. Almost as boring as watching England play.

Thith Ith The Motht Awthome Thing Ever - SB Nation

Mike Tyson was on Pardon the Interruption yesterday and spent 8 minutes talking to Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. I miss good heavyweight boxing and I miss Iron Mike, but I'm kind of glad he's reigned it in a little bit. Dude was crazy.