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Standard Issue Manager-Appointing Time Just About Up

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For a few days, if not an entire week, we've all been antsy about Tottenham Hotspur's lack of a manager and their need for a new one. I even wrote a frustrated post in which I claimed that anyone but Daniel Levy would have already locked up a new manager. Of course, I overreacted and I was completely full of it.

This offseason's standard-issue between mangers time has been about two weeks. Kenny Dalglish was sacked on May 16 and Brendan Rodgers was hired on June 1. Alex McLiesh was sacked on May 14 and Paul Lambert was hired on June 2. A gap of two weeks, or just a tiny bit more than that, is what we should have expected between managers at Spurs.

That two-week period is just about up. Harry Redknapp was sacked on June 13. We should expect a managerial appointment shortly. At the very latest, we should probably see a manager in place on Monday, July 2.

If we don't see a manager by the end of the week, it will be a bit annoying, but not out of the ordinary and not an indication of any problems and/or incompetency at Tottenham. But if we don't have a manager come next Monday? That's officially the cut-off point to start piling on Daniel Levy for being slow.