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Jan Vertonghen Doesn't Expect Move Before Ajax Preseason Starts

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It's another turn in the Jan Vertonghen transfer saga! He doesn't expect the deal to be done before July 2, when Ajax begins their preseason training, and will be showing up to training for the team. He's frustrated that his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur hasn't been completed yet, and compared the saga to a soap opera in a recent interview.

However, he's not going to pout too much and wants to help Ajax succeed if nothing gets worked out. Here are the original quotes from Dutch publication Algemeen Dagblad.

"Dat het zo lang zou duren, had ik niet verwacht. Maar ik meld me nu gewoon op 2 juli, hoor. Ik hoop op een oplossing, maar ik ga er niet vanuit,' zegt Vertonghen in het AD. 'Eén voordeel: Ajax heeft een goede trainer die mij kent, weet wat hij aan mij heeft en ik kom in een goede, stabiele ploeg terecht. Dan maar drie keer op een rij kampioen worden met Ajax."

And here's those quotes translated to English by ESPN Soccernet.

"This is a shame. I thought that it would be sorted out much sooner. As it looks now, I'll be at Ajax on July 2. I'm hoping for a solution, but I'm not expecting a solution. I have one advantage: Ajax have got a good coach who knows me. I play in a good, stable squad. Let's become champions with Ajax for the third time in a row."

Obviously, this deal isn't dead, but it's just irritating that between Ajax, Tottenham and Vertonghen's agent, they can't settle all of the terms before Ajax starts preseason. However, Frank de Boer did offer a little bit of comfort for Spurs fans.

"I was in the same situation [when he left Ajax for Barcelona in 1999]. But, eventually, I expect the deal will be done. I expect everything will be alright."

I still expect this deal to get done, but good lord is this oboxious.