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Steven Pienaar Reportedly Beat Up A South African Government Official's Kid

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Fun news, everyone! The Daily Mail are reporting that Steven Pienaar has been charged with assault after a nightclub brawl. This brawl reportedly happened back on July 17th in South Africa, where Pienaar is not right now. He's on holiday in the Caribbean, and has to make his way back to Johannesburg to appear in court.

The guy he beat up? Not just any old guy! Apparently, the dude he 'punched and kicked repeatedly' was a man named Thabang Mnisi, the son of Ayanda Dlodlo, who is South Africa's deputy minister of public service and administration. The Mail said Tottenham Hotspur is aware of the incident and is refusing comment.

Apparently, this dispute was over usage of the toilet in the VIP area. Seriously. It wasn't over money, or girls, or some guy getting plastered and throwing a punch for no reason. It was about the toilet.

Steven Pienaar, ladies and gentlemen. Sounds like a pretty chill bro.