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Hey There, 'AVB Set To Be Confirmed As Spurs Boss' Reports. Missed You!

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Perhaps Andre Villas-Boas has been the man at Tottenham Hotspur all along, there was something to that July 1st contract chatter, and the papers have just been making up other things for the last week because they were bored. Villas-Boas still remains the odds-on favorite to be named as the club's manager, and he could be named as the manager over the weekend.

Of course, that's not much of a report there from FOX/Sky, but we'll take what we can get at this point. I'd really like to see us have a manager appointed when the transfer window officially opens, so even though I have my reservations about Villas-Boas and his spell at Chelsea, I'm hoping this is true. Basically, just want this to get sorted as soon as possible.

And, considering that we haven't heard any recent rumors about other managerial candidates, I feel like Villas-Boas is probably still the guy. If he really did have a fight with Daniel Levy over terms or if all of the reports about him negotiating with Levy were false, we'd be hearing a lot more about other managerial candidates.

Can this saga please end by Monday?