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Tottenham Hotspur Reportedly Release Seven Players

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As The Roosevelts informed everyone in this morning's Hoddle of Coffee, the Premier League released player lists are out. I figured that the list of released Tottenham Hotspur players deserved its own separate post. There are no huge surprises, but there are a couple of senior players that we're waiving goodbye to who some thought might be around next season.

The two big names on the released players list were veterans Louis Saha and Ryan Nelsen, both of whom arrived in January for free. Both had decent contributions in a Tottenham shirt, but they're both very well past their primes and have dealt with a number of big injuries in the recent past. There was no reason not to get them off the wage bill.

Five younger players were also sent packing: Ben Alnwick, Oscar Jansson, Jesse Waller-Lassen, Kudus Oyenuga, and Mirko Ranieri. That neither Alnwick or Jansson was ever able to reach the level of a Premier League backup keeper is pretty disappointing. Both had fairly impressive youth careers, but neither managed to reach their potential.