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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 5, 2012

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Happy Tuesday, Spursland!

This is what is happening in the Cartilage Free Captain newsroom these days. This and not a lot else. I am imploring you, Harry, grab a microphone and start jabbering.

And now the "news"

Made Up Transfer Rumor Of The Day Number 1- Click Manchester

"EVERYBODY WANTS HIM! LIKE EVERYONE EVER," his agent probably screamed from the rooftops in hope of someone showing interesting in his client.

Made Up Rumor Of The Day Number 2- Metro

This is something I wouldn't mind seeing, except that there are no quotes in the article. It does, however, have the fact that it seems very Redknappy going for it.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Hazard Signs With Chelsea, Like For Realzies- We Ain't Got No History

I still don't buy it. I'd put money down that within a month he announces that his heart will forever belong to the fans of MK Dons , then a week alter actually signs for Man City.

Sigi Schmid Goes All TIn-Foil Hat, Gulati Avoids The Issue- SB Nation Soccer

I have been saying for weeks that Sigi has gone round the bend. I just wish you people would listen to me the next time I tell you that an MLS coach is repeatedly emailing me 45 page manifestos along with links to Zeitgeist.

Have You Seen The Latest Updates To The SB Nation Euro 2012 Preview?- SB Nation Soccer

Because if you haven't then you should.