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Harry Redknapp Negotiating With Daniel Levy, Eventually Off To Qatar?

Fackin oil money
Fackin oil money

Harry Redknapp has one year left on his contract at Tottenham Hotspur. He doesn't really want to work in that situation, and Daniel Levy probably doesn't want a manager who is a distraction. That's why Redknapp and Levy are talking about his future, which is super duper uncertain, according to The Times (paywall alert) and the Daily Mail (rubbish alert).

The Mail article claims that Paul Stretford, who represented Wayne Rooney when he was being a little child throwing a temper tantrum, has joined Harry's negotiating team. Cool, one more guy for Daniel Levy to tell to go f--- himself!

It's the hot rumor in every paper and rag ever that Harry Redknapp could be bolting for a job in Qatar. If he's not going to get a new contract at Tottenham and he's not going to get a bigger job in English football, he might as well bolt for warm weather and ridiculous amounts of money.

I really, truly do not care if Harry Redknapp leaves for Qatar. One might say I would prefer for him to bolt to Qatar, but I'm certainly not going to be upset if he returns to Spurs. In any event, I'd really just like all of this resolved ASAP so the club can get on with their business.