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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 7, 2012

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Happy Thursday, Spursland! Forget all the chatter from agents and front office staff; yesterday we were treated to a sign that Spurs are about to make a big signing. I mean the transition of Venus and Spurs making a big signing in a timely manner happen at about the same frequency.

And now the "news"

Johnny Vertical Deal Is Close Says Agent- Sky Sports

Pop quiz! What takes longer to happen, an Ajax captain to get himself from Holland to England or for Halley's comet to come back around? I have seen more progress during a two-hour toenail growth observation session than I have in this deal getting done.

Daws Speaks Out About Frustrations With Injuries-

I'd really recommend taking the time to read this. The quotes are very revealing and go to show what kind of person the CB behind the public persona is. He describes his personality changing during bouts of injury due to the frustration of not being able to compete. Things like this could be construed as not healthy by some in the mental health field, however, I think most coaches would look at these things as the sign of a champion. Get better soon, Michael.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

The 30 Yard Volley That Tap Danced On Top Of Our Hearts -SB Nation Soccer

If you haven't heard about what is going on with Cal FC then you are either not a nerd or not on twitter (follow me here guys) so you only know that this is a pretty damn good goal, but if you wanted some background on why it matters...

Cal FC Is A Great Story, But Let's Not Make It Something It Is Not- SB Nation Soccer

The world needs more teams like Cal FC. Ok maybe not the world because there are enough leagues in European where players can still play full time pro ball at a lower level after the big boys decide that they don't have "it". In America, though, that isn't really the case. Once you get dropped from MLS and nobody picks you up it is basically over and for many players MLS doesn't exactly pay very much already. Cal FC's players are chasing a dream on a shoestring budget and they should be commended.

Newcastle Season Highlights- Coming Home Newcastle

If you are, you know, "in" to drooling over Papiss Cisse.