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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 44: Euro 2012 Preview

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Wheeler Dealer Radio is here, as Mechanick and Ed Francis preview the Euros for everyone. Not much Tottenham Hotspur talk this week as absolutely nothing has happened around White Hart Lane, so we turn our entire attention to tomorrow's kick-off of the Euro 2012 tournament, breaking it down team-by-team.

We start off in Group A, where we talk whether some Plzens can lead the Czechs, a dominant Dortmund trio for Poland, whether Comrade VROOOM can make a difference for Russia, and whether the Greeks can make it 2004 all over again. Then we're off to Group B, AKA THE GROUP OF DEATH, where we talk Germany's embarassment of attacking riches, The Netherlands trying to fit two strikers in, how Portugal revolves around Ronaldo, and how bad the luck of those Danes is.

Group C gets fun, where we talk about how match fixing helps the Italian National Team, whether Irishmen will be crying tears of happiness or sadness into their pints, the Tottenham threesome with Croatia, and just how you can stop those dominant Spaniards. Group D brings some English frustration out of Ed, as we talk Woy's tactics. France becomes a talk of a team on the rise, we hail the Zlatan when we talk Sweden, and we talk about how things are going to be rather depressing for those Ukranians.

We end up the show with some predictions on semifinalists, the finals, and just who is going to take home the European Championship. A bit of a long show, but we hope you enjoy it in all of its Euros goodness!

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