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Emmanuel Adebayor Reportedly On Verge Of Permanent Transfer To Tottenham

Cool hair. Cool player. Cool Spurs.
Cool hair. Cool player. Cool Spurs.

Raise your hand if you liked Emmanuel Adebayor last year. Is everyone's hand up? Good. Now get super excited because according to the Guardian he is close to returning to Tottenham on a permanent transfer for £5 million. The striker search is over! (Fingers crossed that the Guardian has this one right)

We knew that the club wanted Adebayor back, Manchester City wanted to get him off of their books and that Adebayor enjoyed his time with Tottenham, but wages were always going to be a problem. He was making far more than Spurs could afford and he was always very upfront and honest about wanting to get paid as much as he could so it looked like it would never work. Onto other strikers, right? No, Daniel Levy would just win the creative game instead.

Adebayor, who spent last season on loan at White Hart Lane, has one year remaining on his £170,000-a-week City contract. During his loan, City contributed £100,000 of his weekly wage. But Tottenham are ready to give the striker a massive signing-on fee and a lower salary to fit him into the chairman Daniel Levy's pay structure.

While some may be upset about the downturn in goals by Adebayor, especially late in the season, and not want to see him back with Spurs, those "some" are stupid. Those "some" would be complaining about retaining a striker who scored 17 goals and held the ball up exquisitely for only £5 million plus a signing on fee. That would be known as finding an absolute bargain.

Making matters better is that this move could open up some money at Eastlands for them to buy Robin van Persie. Adebayor or Giroud? Which North London team is winning the striker contest?