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Internacional Say No Bids For Oscar, Leandro Damiao

Bongarts/Getty Images

I was never counting on Tottenham Hotspur seriously pursuing either Oscar or Leandro Damiao. Between the seemingly arbitrary changes of valuation on the players and their "I might leave but I might stay" attitude, I never thought that someone as stubborn as Daniel Levy was going to be able to make a deal at a price he likes. Still, we've been linked to both and we will continue to be linked to both, even if there's no good reason for us to be linked to both.

There may be no good reason for the links, because Internacional president Giovanni Luigi says that no one has bid for his two attacking stars.

"There have been no offers for Oscar and Leandro Damiao. Internacional have the practice of selling one or two players every transfer window. This system has been working and we will keep it, developing players, then finding replacements if they are sold while the window is open. So we might sell a player, but right now no offer has been made for any player in the squad."

Gossip in the Mail and on the twitter machine -- which are equally reliable -- had Oscar all but locking up a deal with Chelsea last night. Apparently, this is false.