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Fun Offseason Games: Take A Stab At AVB's Transfer Kitty

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Tottenham Hotspur spent some of the Frank Arnesen and Damien Comolli years spending a fair bit of money compared to the income that they rake in. With a small stadium and no Champions League football, Tottenham shelled out big money on players like David Bentley and ... oh god my brain just started punching itself in the face oh my god make it stop.

Since Comolli left, we've reigned it in a bit with the spending. Sure, we've bought some decent players, but we're not doing any Bentley-level stuff here. Suddenly, things appear to have changed a bit. Gylfi Sigurdsson and Jan Vertonghen have already arrived for £22m in total, and we're about to drop a further £5-10m, plus a very large signing bonus on Emmanuel Adebayor. Tottenham's circumstances haven't really changed, but they're spending money again.

Of course, Spurs are profitable and never really spent their Champions League money, so it makes sense that they have a bit to spend, but how much are Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy going to spend? Honestly, I have no idea. We're being linked to Hugo Lloris, Oscar and Robert Lewandowski as well as the three listed above. Not that I expect us to sign any of them, but wow, this is super cool.

So, super happy fun poll time: How much is the team going to spend during this window? And are we just pre-spending the Modric money? Vote and discuss away.