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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 12, 2012

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Happy Thursday Spursland! Your usual Hoddle writer, TheRoosevelts, was unable to write this post this morning because his girlfriend just returned from Europe. You would think this means a little "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" time for our very lonely funnyman, but instead it meant a trip to PPL Park to watch my MLS team of choice, Sporting Kansas City, beat the Philadelphia Union for a trip to the US Open Cup finals.

Honestly though, I'm a little bitter. TheRoosevelt's girlfriend comes home a week or two in Europe and they go to a football match. I'm going to come back from a month and a half in Europe and my girlfriend not only won't be picking me up at the airport, she won't even be in the same state as me for another two weeks. Sometimes life just isn't fair.

And now, the "news":

Villas-Boas Says His Reputation Wasn't Tarnished By His Chelsea Stint - Yahoo!

Some people (read: Ed Francis) have taken exception to Mr. Town-Snake's attitude on this, but I have to agree with AVB. Sure, he didn't do the best job of adapting to the situation, but you would like to think that the players and management would have a little bit of respect for you and the job you're trying to do. I especially like that AVB says he's not out to restore his rep, only to win titles for Spurs. That's the right kind of attitude.

Could Ledley King Be Set To Retire? -

The future of the Cartilage Free Captain has been up in the air ever since his contract expired back in June. Ledley has said several times that he was going to use the offseason to evaluate what he was going to do, but it would seem like now it's decision time. All signs seem to point to the Spurs legend hanging up his boots, in which case I think we all hope he does his coaching badges and can join the staff at Spurs.

What's Happening Around SB Nation After The Jump

The Gap Between The Eastern and Western Conferences Is Not as Big as We Though - SB Nation Soccer

I'm not going to pretend that I've even bothered to watch a single MLS game this season, but I will tell you that the idea of Kansas City and Houston being in the Eastern Conference is a bit silly to me.

This Is Why Twitter Was Invented - SB Nation

Nokia, which I didn't even know still existed, threw a pre-ESPYs party last night and wanted everyone to know about it. So the fine PR folks at Nokia decided it would be good to have athletes deliver canned tweets with the hashtag #NokiaPreParty in them. The athletes and celebrities that attended the party did just that, but then the internet took over and the result was glorious.

The Ten Biggest Trolls In Sports History - SB Nation

Seriously, not one footballer is on this list? No Jose Mourinho? No John Terry? No Diego Maradona? And to include the Chicago Cubs is ludicrous. I'm sorry, your team just sucks, that doesn't make them trolls. I demand that the commentariate come up with a list of the 10 biggest trolls in football in the comments below. Make it so.