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Carlo Ancelotti Admits Luka Modric Admiration, But Not Transfer Interest

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Paris Saint-Germain are apparently interested in making a move for Luka Modric, which isn't surprising considering the giant mountain of money that they have. They don't have central midfielders that quite match up with their ambitions as a club and Modric is awesome, so of course PSG want Luka Modric. Whether he's interested or they're willing to pay up, who knows.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke about Modric and gave the most standard-issue manager of a big club quotes that he could have possibly given. You can find what Ancelotti had to say about him after the jump.

Here are the quotes, from The Independent, which they translated from AS.

"I did not need to see him at the Euro to know how much talent he has. I knew his capabilities before. Now he has confirmed his high quality for those who did not know. I know that is what matters most now, but I am sorry to disappoint you. I cannot speak publicly about the transfer market. You have to understand that it would be foolish of me to speak openly about our objectives and movements in relation to quality players."

I really, really hope that this Madrid-PSG bidding war is a thing. Go on. Jack that price up to £50m.

(I don't think it's a thing. Sadface.)