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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 13, 2012

This is my happy face
This is my happy face

Happy Friday, Spursland! So the ESPYs were last night and if you didn't watch them than you are not a rube. It is a fantastic train wreck every year as ESPN attempts to act like they have the same Q rating as Hollywood. They put on an award show that is meaningless (they presented an award for best bow tie, think about that) and allows us to once again see that in America tons of people succeed in spite of themselves. Yes, I am talking about you, Chris Berman.

And now the "news"

The Book Of Daniel, Chapter 3- Dear Mr. Levy

Your must read item of the week. Get some popcorn and do some stretching if you are at work. You don't want to pull a muscle stifling all the laughter when your boss walks by.

Siggy Stardust Targets Silverware At Spurs- Sky Sports

I like the ambition he shows in his comments to the media. While, yes, a lot of these are the standard cliche answers, the underlying message tracks with what we have been seeing in the moves the club makes. There is ambition -- they are going for titles and setting high goals! This is stuff that excites me.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Penn State Scandal: Joe Paterno Should Have Gone To Prison- SB Nation NCAA Football

Link submitted without comment. I originally started to write something here, but when I was done this section alone was over 1,000 words. I said some very not nice things about some prominent members of the American news media who probably meant well, but I found to be exceedingly full of shit and were manipulating the real issue to support their own agenda.

NY Cosmos Are Back Next Year, Maybe, And Only Sort Of- SB Nation Soccer

Well they don't have a stadium yet and it is only in the second division NASL, but, hey, the owners of the "most recognizable brand in US soccer" have only been trying to get the team into MLS since basically the league's inception. Getting into the second division with millions of dollars of backing and 16 or so years of trying is totally a win. Maybe they can get Pele to play for them again.

VIDEO: Just Call him D-Air-En Mattocks- SB Nation Soccer

Mattocks jumped high enough to dunk over a car. Like the big part, not the little part. I know Blake Griffin was probably impressed, but that feet is overshadowed by my paternal need to go hug every member of Toronto FC and their fans, because nobody should be subjected to a season with this much crushed hope served as a garnish.