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Some More New Kit Photos For Your Viewing Pleasure


Know how the official team site and their Facebook page only had four photos of the new kits? That was odd, and a bit disappointing. When we posted about the kit release, I mentioned that I don't have legal access to photos of the kit. Someone who is able to give me permission to post photos of the kit read that post and sent me an email, so now I have legal access to many more photos of the kit than the team posted. Under Armour is great.

You obviously see Rafa asking you to come at him, bro, in the away kit above. The look in Benny's eyes is fantastic as well. You can find some additional pictures below the jump, which I'm sure will be added to our meme repertoire.

Here's all variations of the training wear, if you haven't seen that yet.


Here's the green keeper kit.


And the blue keeper kit.


Here's a close-up of the much debated back of the away kit.


And I'm pretty sure I've seen every variation of the home kit pictures flying somewhere around the internet, but here's one of those for good measure.


I'm not a big fan of the back of the away kits, but everything else about the kits and the training gear is pretty slick. Under Armour's definitely done well by us, and I'm looking forward to seeing the third kit.