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Rafael Van der Vaart Staying Put, On Account Of Hamburg's Brokeness

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Rafael Van der Vaart's former club, Hamburg SV, would like to bring back their former star. Their manager Thomas Fink admitted as much last week, but the folks that sign Fink's paychecks have come out and said that they don't have eight figures lying around.

Hamburg Chairman Carl Edward Jarchow told Bild "We cannot finance a move for Rafael Van der Vaart", so say ESPN Soccernet and their translators. Based on the games that I have played with Hamburg on Football Manager, I have extensive knowledge of their financial situation, and I can confirm Mr. Jarchow's assertion that Hamburg do not have the money for Van der Vaart.

If you're new to this site, that's a joke.

Expect to see some Rafa rotation with Gylfi Sigurdsson in the attacking midfield role this year, and expect Rafa to play on the wing a bit too. I know he's stated that he does not like playing wide and a lot of the members of this site are opposed to Van der Vaart on the wing, but with the team's current lack of depth in those spots, we're going to see Rafa out there on occasion.

Do you guys think this is going to be the end of the Van der Vaart transfer rumors for the summer, or are we likely to see more pop up as the window rolls along? We have another six weeks, after all.