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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 18, 2012

You're leaving?!? Oh wait, the Express says it? We're good.
You're leaving?!? Oh wait, the Express says it? We're good.

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Today we grow. Today we get a little bit big for our britches, and I like it. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't, but today the Hoddle Of Coffee gets bigger. No longer will the SB Nation section of the Hoddle be football only. It will now encompass the entire realm of SB Nation content. This to expose you to more of the tremendous writing (see The Hurt Business in today's Hoddle) and expose you to other fantastic blogs on the SB Network.

I made this decision on my own. I wasn't directed to by the parent company or anything. I am doing this because I believe in the SB Nation system and the product that the writers here produce. We have a fantastic community here at CFC and it grows every day. I just feel it would be selfish not to give you guys more exposure to the other great communities we have going on.

And now the "news"

Higuain Hopes To Play With Modric- Sky Sports

He also denies that he will be part of the deal going to other way. Get out those #weneedas...oh, you know what, don't even bother. It has been posted so much now it is permanently burned into my retinas.

VDV Denies Spurs Exit For Now- Examiner

Actually he denies nothing because the article contains no quotes of any kind. Oh, English media, you keep sucking and I will keep on pointing it out. Bonus points for this guy, though, since he included a picture in the article that is sure to be pleasing to the eyes of all of us, men, women, gay or, straight. I guess if you can't appeal to our need for genuine knowledge then you can just take a page out of Maxim's book.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Kris Humpheries Is A Good Sport- SB Nation

What a guy.

"Take The Statue Down Or We Will" Banner Flies Over Penn State- SB Nation

Because that is the best way to make a threat against private property -- by going through a reputable and highly regulated advertising business (the FAA is know for being understanding about threats, you know) that is going to keep meticulous records of things like your credit card. You know, since places like this usually don't take cash. I know because I checked.

The Hurt Business: A Year In The Life Of An MMA Gym- MMA Fighting

This has been out forever, but in today's spirit of making the SB Nation part of the Hoddle a little more than just football related I thought I would include this. This is part one of a MASSIVE multi-part piece that follows a full year in the life of the once prominent Grudge Gym in Colorado. It is the definition of amazing journalism.

Drunk German Soccer Fans "Assist" Women Parallel Parking- SB Nation

I want to move in with those guys.

Wilco Themed MLS Power Rankings- SB Nation Soccer

If they hadn't included I Am Trying To Break Your Heart I would have rioted, by myself, but a riot nonetheless. I would have looted my fridge of all of the serrano peppers. ALL OF THEM!