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Tottenham Hotspur Reportedly In For Hulk, Which I Couldn't Type With A Straight Face

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Yeah, seriously. We're being linked to Hulk now. A guy who is probably too expensive for anyone's liking at the moment is being linked to Tottenham Hotspur. I can't believe it either, but what the hell, everyone's talking about it so I guess I'll talk about it.

I haven't seen a discussion of this rumor at any site that I would consider to be a legitimate news outlet. The most reputable site to print it is probably Setanta, and they print plenty of out there, ridiculous rumors. Here's what Setanta had to say.

Porto want £38m for the 25-year-old who in turn wants £100,000 a week, that sort of package could rule Tottenham out of the equation but they have not given up hope that they can get both Porto and the player to lower their demands.

I can't really believe that this is a thing, but people are trying to make it into a thing. From what I can tell, people are trying to make it into a thing because of this picture, which is supposedly Hulk and Andre Villas-Boas having a conversation at a hotel in London. They're probably friends, and Hulk could have any number of reasons to be in London, and those could be good look-alikes, and that could be photoshopped.

We're not signing Hulk, you guys. I'm really sorry.