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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 19, 2012

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This guy wasn't ready for HarryKane season.
This guy wasn't ready for HarryKane season.

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Well, the pre-season has kicked off and business is picking up. Yesterday we saw (well, no, not really) a lot of the young guns and fringe players take a win from some crap team that we won't ever hear from again and they looked kind of like it was the first day of preseason in doing so. The important thing is that nobody got injured and it wasn't a disaster so nobody panic for some unknown reason and let's leave the lads to do what needs doing before the start of the season. As for you and me, let's do what we do best and agonize over when the Modric deal will happen.

And now the "news"

Choo Choo Train Moscow Looking To Snap Up Ade- Telegraph

Don't worry, we are still in the front running for this player only 40% of us seem to want so nobody freak out about this. Cue Ed Francis and Chicken arguing about this for two hours.

Fryers Arrives At Spurs To Seal Transfer From Manchester- Goal

Hey Fergie, are you ready?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Welcome To The Mikhail Prokhorov Era- SB Nation

All you need to know about the Net's new "eccentric owner" is that he refuses to use a computer and he is worth billions. I say "eccentric" because not using a computer was eccentric at one point in time, say 2004. Now it is just a sign that you have brain damage if you are under the age of 70. Go Brooklyn Nesting Dolls!

Chelsea Youngsters Experience Authentic Fish Distribution Techniques Native To Seattle- We Ain't Got No History

Except not really. Those guys throwing fish in Seattle, ALL OF THEM, use the same fish all day. It's to attract idiots and tourists who think "wow, what a novel way to speed up service". This is the equivalent of Chelsea players stopping at South Of The Border on their way down I-95 to Florida. It is a tourist trap, much like Mount Rushmore, the tourist trap that invented people wanting to go to South Dakota. And that led to North Dakota thinking that if they changed their name to straight up Dakota that then people would want to visit them to. My point is that tourist traps are freaking dangerous and the butterfly effect is real!

Arsenal Fans Steal Our Idea- The Short Fuse

Look at how trendy we are. Kevin writes a glossary then the Arsenal blog does one too. We are the cutting edge people.

Anderson Silva's Wife Confirms Chael Sonnen Is Invited To A BBQ- Gal's Guide To MMA

And thus she sprinkled the powdered sugar toping on the greatest troll job in the history of combat sports. In the lead up to this fight there had been months of verbal sparing back and forth, mostly on the part of Sonnen, who made racial, nationalistic and homophobic insults the norm in a way not seen in America since Roddy Piper. That video is tame btw compared to his anti-Latino stuff from the 70's. However, I was unable to find video of that, but if you are interested the stories are readily available.