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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 2, 2012

I guess we know what happened to little Eddie Munster
I guess we know what happened to little Eddie Munster

Happy Monday, Spursland! Oh, joy for the Spanish and misery for Italy. In the coming days expect more than a few most excellent articles coming at you from the SB Nation Soccer crew breaking down the tournament and perhaps answering the question, "Is Spain the best team ever?" (BTW the answer is that there is no answer. These things are to subjective to accurately answer. Sorry to spoil it for you)

And now the "news"

Joe Jordan Thinks It Was A Mistake To Sack Redknapp- Sky Sports

I admire your loyalty from the toothless old war horse. Only time will tell if he is correct. I, for one, still haven't gotten over the news that we won't have Joe on the sidelines scaring the living crap out of any opposing winger dumb enough to flop in his general vicinity. Also, all Italians.

I Tried To Sign Balotell, Says Harry- Sporting Preview

Let us ignore that big nugget of information dropped right there and focus on how the former Tottenham coaching staff are pumping more gossip and airing more grievances into the media than the reunion episode of (insert Bravo scripted reality show name here). These men are not behaving as professionals in this industry behave. They are behaving like they have Kris Jenner as a mother (something I wouldn't wish on anyone). Why don't they just skip to the next step and leak a video of them shagging Ray-J and get it over with? Either do that or act like a professional and have some dignity.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Hope Solo Is Amazing

I really don't even need to write anything here. I have now spent 25 minutes trying to draft something witty or funny, but screw it. Hope Solo is awesome says it all. Brevity is the soul of wit.

VIDEO: Chris Polish-Name Scores Back Heel Goal, Loves Soldiers- SB Nation Soccer

Seriously, it has several O's in it and ends in "ski". You tell me he shouldn't be called Chris Polish-Name.

GIF: Beckham Is Class, But Perhaps Not Very Classy- SB Nation Soccer

It is at times like these that I regret that when he was younger and did dumb things like this, other players did not punch Beckham in the face.

Fernando Torres' Daughter Is Adorcute -SB Nation Soccer

Don't you just want to set a plate of pie down in front of that little bundle of hugs?